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Analgesic effect of elastoviscous hyaluronan solutions and the treatment of arthritic pain.

TitelAnalgesic effect of elastoviscous hyaluronan solutions and the treatment of arthritic pain.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBalazs, EA
JournalCells Tissues Organs
Date Published2003

Elastoviscous hyaluronan solutions have an analgesic effect when injected intra-articularly in animal and human joints. This was first discovered using animal behavioral models and later confirmed in neurophysiological studies in cat and rat joints. These studies on both normal and experimentally produced arthritis in joints confirmed that only elastoviscous solutions of hyaluronan or certain of its derivatives (hylans) have a desensitizing effect on nociceptive sensory receptors. Recently, this desensitizing effect of elastoviscous hyaluronan solutions was also demonstrated on intact or on isolated patches of oocyte cell membranes. Viscosupplementation, the exchange of pathological synovial fluid in arthritic joints with pure elastoviscous solutions of hyaluronan or hylans, is a widely accepted therapeutic modality used to provide long-lasting analgesia in human knee joints. The clinical studies performed on human and animal temporomandibular joints since the mid-1970s are reviewed. These trials used three distinctly different preparations made from hyaluronan of different average molecular weight, polydispersity and, consequently, different elastoviscous properties. These differences are demonstrated and the consequences on the potential efficacy of the preparations are discussed.

Alternate JournalCells Tissues Organs (Print)
PubMed ID12784041
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