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Outcomes of self-help education for patients with arthritis.

TitelOutcomes of self-help education for patients with arthritis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsLorig, K, Lubeck, D, Kraines, RG, Seleznick, M, Holman, HR
JournalArthritis and rheumatism
Date Published1985 Jun
SchlüsselwörterArthrose, Arthrose-Prävention
Abstract Behavioral and health status outcomes of an unreinforced, self-help education program for arthritis patients taught by lay persons were examined in 2 ways: a 4-month randomized experiment and a 20-month longitudinal study. At 4 months, experimental subjects significantly exceeded control subjects in knowledge, recommended behaviors, and in lessened pain. These changes remained significant at 20 months. The course was inexpensive and well-accepted by patients, physicians, and other health professionals.
Alternate JournalArthritis Rheum.
Full Text
PubMed ID4004977
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