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Clinical application of shock wave therapy in musculoskeletal disorders: part II related to myofascial and nerve apparatus.

TitelClinical application of shock wave therapy in musculoskeletal disorders: part II related to myofascial and nerve apparatus.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSaggini, R, Di Stefano, A, Saggini, A, Bellomo, RG
JournalJ Biol Regul Homeost Agents
Date Published2015 Oct-Dec
SchlüsselwörterFersensporn, Stoßwelle, Stoßwelle-Fersensporn

Shock waves have been widely recognized in literature as a biological regulator; accordingly we carried out a review on the effect of shock waves on the mesenchymal cells in their various expressions: bone, muscle, ligament and tendon tissue. To date, the application of Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) in musculoskeletal disorders has been primarily used in the treatment of tendinopathies (proximal plantar fasciopathy, lateral elbow tendinopathy, calcific tendinopathy of the shoulder, and patellar tendinopathy, etc.) and bone defects (delayed and non-union of bone fractures, avascular necrosis of femoral head, etc.). Although the mechanism of their therapeutic effects is still unknown, the majority of published papers have shown the positive and beneficial effects of using SWT as a treatment for musculoskeletal disorders, with a success rate ranging from 65% to 91%, while the complications are low or negligible. The purpose of this paper is to present the published data on the clinical application of SWT in the treatment of myofascial and nerve disorders. With the help of the relevant literature, in this paper we outline the indications and success rates of SWT, as well as the adequate SWT parameters (e.g., rate of impulses, energy flux density) defined according to the present state of knowledge.

Alternate JournalJ. Biol. Regul. Homeost. Agents
PubMed ID26753637
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