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Endoscopic treatment of calcaneal spur syndrome: A comprehensive technique.

TitelEndoscopic treatment of calcaneal spur syndrome: A comprehensive technique.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsBlanco, CE, Leon, HO, Guthrie, TB
Date Published2001 May
SchlüsselwörterFersensporn, Fersensporn-Operation

We describe a comprehensive approach to the endoscopic treatment of calcaneal spur syndrome developed by the Arthroscopic Group of the Orthopedic Service of Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras in Havana, Cuba. The surgical technique involves treatment of the heel spur and plantar fasciitis commonly found in calcaneal spur syndrome, but it also addresses adjacent calcaneal periostitis and allows decompression of the nerve to the abductor digiti quinti. Medial endoscopy and lateral instrumentation are used in a sequential approach with exposure and debridement of the posterior roof of the calcaneal arch, followed by removal of the calcaneal spur, lateral to medial release of the medial 75% of the plantar fascia, and if necessary, debridement of the calcaneal tuberosity periosteum. This technique was used in a prospective case series from June 1997 to May 1998 to treat a select group of 38 feet in 30 patients who reported unacceptable levels of pain despite 5 months of conservative treatment, which included an aggressive 8-week physical therapy program prescribed by the treating physician. Good to excellent results were obtained at 3 months postoperatively in all patients with regard to pain relief and return to normal activity, although 5 patients required a short course of physical therapy to resolve symptoms brought on by sports, trauma, or impact loading before 1-year follow-up, at which time all patients reported good to excellent results. Complications included 3 superficial wound infections cured by oral antibiotics and 2 transient lateral paresthesias that resolved with rest and nonsteroidal inflammatory medications. The described technique may provide a useful method for treating refractory heel spur syndrome and warrants further study.

Alternate JournalArthroscopy
PubMed ID11337720
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